04 Apr 2019

Lab Presentations at TTU URC 2019

Each year, the Center for Transformative Undergraduate Experience hosts a three-day event showcasing undergraduate research. Two lab members– Madeline Slimp (TTU Honors ‘21) and Zach Bailey (TTU Honors ‘19)– presented posters this year.

Both of their projects make use of herbarium specimens from our collection of plants of Guadalupe Mountains National Park. The collection was made in the early 1970s, and provides a botanical snapshot of the community.

Madeline Slimp: Conservation genomics of plant populations in Guadalupe Mountains National Park using Herbarium Specimens.

Zachary Bailey: The effect of life-history strategies on stomatal characteristics using herbarium specimens from Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

Congrats to Zach and Madeline, and thanks for representing the lab and the herbarium!